Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar 1.2 GPM Review

As environment-friendly factor becomes an important thing in life, energy-efficient technologies are now used, applied, and installed in almost all areas including commercial and residential buildings. A good example of product that implements both eco-friendly and efficiency is the Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar 1.2 GPM. It is an electric tankless water heater designed specifically for indoor installation.

Main Features and Benefits

There are many reasons why this PowerStar water heater is superior to other similar products in the market. Some of its best features are listed as follows.

1. Efficiency of time and space

Bosch AE-7.2 imageThe overall dimension of this Bosch PowerStar measures at 14.8-inch x 7.3-inch x 3.4-inch, and it weighs only 5 pounds. As this electric water heater is designed for indoor installation, it should not be difficult to find an available space in home for perfect fit. Another good thing is that Bosch PowerStar AE-7.2 is a point-of-use style appliance, meaning it can be installed directly under kitchen sink or bathroom sink thus it avoids long pipe run. Without long pipe, it delivers hot water almost instantly anytime necessary.

2. Power Selector

Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar provides two different power settings including high and low. At low setting, this appliance will work only with half power, but it will work to its full potential at high setting. There are two heating elements equipped inside the water heater. High setting uses both elements, while low setting only uses one of them.

3. Thermal Cut-Out

A safety device called thermal-cut-out is mounted on the heat exchanger. Its main function is to cut power to heating elements in case the temperature goes above allowed or the water flow rate is greatly reduced. The manufacturer offers 5-year warranty on heat exchanger and 1-year warranty on any part replacement, ensuring the quality and durability of this appliance.

4. Easy Installation

This electric water heater can be installed directly under the sink. Moreover, it is also mountable in either vertical or horizontal direction. Nonetheless, it is recommended that the entire installation procedures are handled by professionals for safety reasons.

Customer Reviews

Most customers who have purchased the product basically agree that Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar electric tankless water heater does what it promises. It does deliver hot water almost instantly without consuming too much electric power. Another good point is that there are two heating elements installed, so it does not only deliver instant hot water, but user can also choose specific water amount and temperature. Since this is only a small appliance, it is possible to install it in bathroom or kitchen cabinet.

The water heater is indeed fully featured, but it also has some noticeable drawbacks. The easiest to notice is the unavailability of external knob or switch to turn on single or double heating elements. User has to use a screwdriver to operate such setting. It is also not possible to reset the breaker from the outside. The cover must be taken off in order to open access to the manual reset button inside the unit. Click here to read other reviews.

Where to Buy

Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar 1.2 GPM is available in online stores as well offline retailers. In Amazon, this tankless water heater is currently available for $199.00 which is 23% less than its original list price, meaning you save more than $58.00. There are also some buying options including one-day shipping, free-shipping, and gift-wrap. For more details, check it out on Amazon.