Eemax SP3512 Review

Compared to its tank-equipped counterpart, tankless water heaters generally have smaller design, heat water more quickly, and are energy-efficient. One of them is the Eemax SP3512. The water heater is small and lightweight, but it is fully loaded with good features suitable for various applications. This appliance is designed to work with 0.5 GPM hand wash sink.

Main Features and Benefits

The Eemax SP3512 is indeed a small appliance measuring at 10.75-inch x 5.25-inch x 3-inch, and it weighs only around 4 lbs. Besides featuring a compact design, this tankless water heater also brings a Direct Heating Technology that allows the appliance to heat water faster yet it prevents wasted energy.

Eemax SP3512The heating element will transfer heat directly to the water and it shuts down instantly after you are done using it. The cooling process is as well very quick, meaning there is only minimal overshoot to prevent inefficient use of energy.

According to the manufacturer, the Eemax SP3512 works best when used for hand wash sink in a shopping mall, commercial building, school, stadium, modular office, and other public facilities. It is also compatible with sensor, metering, and hands-free faucets. The flow of water will activate the heater so there is no standby heat loss. It requires 0.3 GPM to start the appliance, and the temperature rise at 0.5 GPM is 48-degree F.

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