Eccotemp FVI-12-NG Review

As the name suggests, a tankless water heater doesn’t store water, but it can provide hot water on demand thus it is more efficient for the sake of energy saving. The initial price is fairly expensive, such as the Eccotemp FVI-12-NG, but the overall money-saving in the long run is far better.

Main Features and Benefits

The Eccotemp FVI-12-NG is actually very similar to the FVI-12-LP, but the former is powered by natural gas. It is an indoor appliance capable of delivering up to 3.4 GPM of hot water, which should be sufficient for small to medium houses. You can also use it perfectly for cottages and cabins.

Eccotemp FVI-12-NG imageIt features a compact design measuring at 15-inch x 24-inch x 4-inch and weighing only around 20 pounds, but this tankless water heater brings separate gas and water controls as well as a digital display for temperature on the front. With such controls and indicator, you can manually adjust water flow and the intended temperature precisely. The appliance also has 0.5 inch NPT inlet and outlet as well as gas connections. The Eccotemp FVI-12-NG starts by an electronic ignition that requires a minimum of 40 PSI.

Apart from its space-saving design, this water heater is also an energy-saving appliance. This small yet modern water heater will only use around 2 watts of power during standby or idle state, while it requires 10 watts when operating. Since this is a tankless type, it will only use the gas when you are using it. A horizontal stainless steel vent kit is included with the purchase, so it is ready to install out of the box. According to the manufacturer, the water heater requires 120-Volt household electric outlet.

Another good thing is that the manufacturer offers 2-year warranty on all parts of the unit including the heat exchanger. Besides, the Eccotemp FVI-12-NG can be considered a fairly inexpensive unit compared to similar products in the market, such as Takagi T-K4-IN-LP, Navien NR-210A, and Rheem RTG-84XN.

Customer Reviews

Based on most customer reviews, the Eccotemp FVI-12-NG indeed possesses plenty of good points including its low price, easy installation procedure, and its quiet operation. The tankless water heater is available for under $300, which is considered affordable in the range. Furthermore, the package also includes a stainless steel horizontal venting kit, making it ready to install immediately after you get it out of the box. Its low wattage consumption is as well a great selling point to promote energy-saving. A customer also reported that the manufacturer has an excellent customer service.

Although bringing many good features, this Eccotemp also have some problems worth mentioning. One of the most noticeable annoyances comes from the inability to serve single handle faucet. The appliance will detect the variation when hot water mixes cold water and automatically shut down. To accommodate this issue, user needs to replace the single handed faucet with the two-handle one. The manufacturer suggests that this unit should not be used for spa heater, so it may not work well for your hot tub.

Where to Buy

The Eccotemp FVI-12-NG can be purchased from various online stores, but Amazon makes it available for only $269 or 10% less than the list price ($299), meaning you can save a valuable $30 (Click here for more details) . Moreover, Amazon also offers some interesting buying options such as free shipping, warehouse deals, six-month financing, super saver shipping, and more.