EZ 101 Review

The EZ 101 tankless water heater is a versatile appliance powered by propane gas, which can provide a maximum of 1.6 GPM. It has almost all good features necessary such as automatic on/off operation, safety timer, low water pressure ignition, battery-powered ignition, and more.

Features and Benefits

This is an outdoor unit, but it has a simple design allowing for easy installation. It is also possible to semi-permanently install this water heater, making it a very useful appliance even at camp sites, cabin, or anywhere else where electricity is not available.

1. Battery-powered Ignition

EZ 101 pictureOne of strongest points of EZ 101 tankless water heater is that it features battery-powered ignition mechanism. It does not need to be connected to electricity plug, so it is easier to install the unit anywhere outside the house. The ignition is powered by 2 D-cells battery. According to the manufacturer, the batteries can last for up to a year before replacement.

2. Automatic Operation

Once the water heater is properly installed, it operates automatically. It means user will not need to go outside to manually ignite the unit. If any connected shower or water spigot is turned on, EZ 101 will automatically start working. As soon as the tap is switched off, the water heater will also stop immediately.

3. Low Water Pressure Ignition

The low water pressure ignition feature allows the unit to work as usual even when there is only limited input of cold water pressure. Therefore, EZ 101 can still work to its full potential even if user connects the unit to an old or low power pumping system. This is why EZ 101 is an excellent choice for camp sites and other outdoor activities.

4. Safety Features

There are at least two important safety features equipped in the unit. First, EZ 101 will automatically turn off the gas valve anytime the water supply is interrupted. It ensures that there is no unused gas wasted. There is also 20-minute timer which can greatly reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Both features actually emphasize on energy-saving as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on numerous customer reviews, the EZ 101 tankless water heater is generally good. Most customers suggest that this appliance functions very well and they are satisfied with how this appliance works. The automatic system is one of the best features, allowing user to remotely turn on/off the unit by simply operating the water spigot or tap. Moreover, the safety features equipped in this unit help to avoid inefficient gas use. EZ 101 is also easy to install and use.

However, there are still some drawbacks found. The biggest drawback is that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover freeze damage. Installing the unit permanently at outdoor area may cause freezing, especially during low temperature times. People who live in cold climate will often need to drain or remove the unit to a warmer place. Users may also find that it can only deliver a maximum of 1.6 GPM thus it takes times to fill a large tub with hot water.

Where to Buy

The EZ tankless official website currently states that this item is in pre sale, but it will start shipping in few more days. However, you can try to check at Amazon to see if the product is in stock at the moment. EZ 101 tankless water heater is available for $164.95. Amazon also offers free-shipping buying option.