Navien NR-210A Review

Since the first tankless water heater reached the market, such appliance has been growing in terms of popularity and technology. One of the most technologically advanced water heaters is the Navien NR-210A which uses a new water heating mechanism called condensing technology. Some important highlights of the product are briefly outlined as follows.

Features and Benefits

In almost all cases, condensing water heater is more efficient compared to its non-condensing counterparts. The non-condensing type uses hot gases to directly heat the water. Fuel is burned and the resulted energy heats the water, but not the entire energy is used.

Navien NR-210AOn the other hand, the Navien NR-210A is able to create condensation inside the main unit, ensuring that it uses only the necessary energy to provide hot water; therefore, the condensing mechanism works more efficiently. In fact, this Navien has 98% of thermal efficiency, meaning almost no gas is wasted.

The Navien NR-210A is powered by natural gas and can be installed at either indoor or outdoor area. The unit’s overall dimension measures at 17-inch W × 28-inch H × 15-inch D; it weighs around 85 pounds. Once the appliance is turned on, it can deliver hot water at a minimum flow rate of 4.6 GPM (at 77-degree F rise) and a maximum flow rate of 10 GPM (at 35-degree F rise).

Since the condensation is collected inside the unit, heat exchanger should be made of high quality material to prevent corrosion. The Navien NR-210A uses dual stainless steel heat exchangers, which are generally more resistance to corrosion compared to copper. Condensation also allows for lower exhaust temperature, so that you can use inexpensive venting materials. Air and gas pressure sensors are equipped ensuring efficient combustion, while the dual micro processors keep the hot water temperature steady. There is also a leak detector that helps you to prevent damages to the unit or other items located around it.

Costumer Reviews

There are at least 4 things praised by the customers including efficiency, design, inexpensive venting, and warranty. As mentioned earlier, condensing technology uses energy more efficiently thus it reduces gas usage. It also features space-saving design and it can be installed at either outdoor or indoor which can be perfect for a small house. Furthermore, lower exhaust temperature does not require expensive venting materials which may increase the total price you need to pay to get the appliance ready. The manufacturer offers 15-year warranty on heat exchanger, 5-year warranty on parts and components, and 1-year on labor.

The condensing technology apparently brings both benefit and disadvantage. It is indeed more efficient, but some technicians still do not understand how it actually works. A mistake in the installation procedure can greatly affect the durability aspect of the appliance, so you should only hire a professional technician who really understands how the Navien NR210A condensing tankless water heater works. Read here for more customer reviews.

Where to Buy

The Navien NR-210A is generally a cost-saving tankless water heater featuring new technology to reduce gas usage and maintain steady hot water temperature. This appliance is currently available at Amazon for $1,462.54 or 31% less than the original list price ($2,125). This item is also eligible for free shipping as well as one-day shipping options from Amazon. Fore more details, check it out on Amazon.