Navien NR-210A Review

Since the first tankless water heater reached the market, such appliance has been growing in terms of popularity and technology. One of the most technologically advanced water heaters is the Navien NR-210A which uses a new water heating mechanism called condensing technology. Some important highlights of the product are briefly outlined as follows.

Features and Benefits

In almost all cases, condensing water heater is more efficient compared to its non-condensing counterparts. The non-condensing type uses hot gases to directly heat the water. Fuel is burned and the resulted energy heats the water, but not the entire energy is used.

Navien NR-210AOn the other hand, the Navien NR-210A is able to create condensation inside the main unit, ensuring that it uses only the necessary energy to provide hot water; therefore, the condensing mechanism works more efficiently. In fact, this Navien has 98% of thermal efficiency, meaning almost no gas is wasted.

The Navien NR-210A is powered by natural gas and can be installed at either indoor or outdoor area. The unit’s overall dimension measures at 17-inch W × 28-inch H × 15-inch D; it weighs around 85 pounds. Once the appliance is turned on, it can deliver hot water at a minimum flow rate of 4.6 GPM (at 77-degree F rise) and a maximum flow rate of 10 GPM (at 35-degree F rise). [Read more...]

EZ 101 Review

The EZ 101 tankless water heater is a versatile appliance powered by propane gas, which can provide a maximum of 1.6 GPM. It has almost all good features necessary such as automatic on/off operation, safety timer, low water pressure ignition, battery-powered ignition, and more.

Features and Benefits

This is an outdoor unit, but it has a simple design allowing for easy installation. It is also possible to semi-permanently install this water heater, making it a very useful appliance even at camp sites, cabin, or anywhere else where electricity is not available.

1. Battery-powered Ignition

EZ 101 pictureOne of strongest points of EZ 101 tankless water heater is that it features battery-powered ignition mechanism. It does not need to be connected to electricity plug, so it is easier to install the unit anywhere outside the house. The ignition is powered by 2 D-cells battery. According to the manufacturer, the batteries can last for up to a year before replacement.

2. Automatic Operation

Once the water heater is properly installed, it operates automatically. It means user will not need to go outside to manually ignite the unit. If any connected shower or water spigot is turned on, EZ 101 will automatically start working. As soon as the tap is switched off, the water heater will also stop immediately. [Read more...]

Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar 1.2 GPM Review

As environment-friendly factor becomes an important thing in life, energy-efficient technologies are now used, applied, and installed in almost all areas including commercial and residential buildings. A good example of product that implements both eco-friendly and efficiency is the Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar 1.2 GPM. It is an electric tankless water heater designed specifically for indoor installation.

Main Features and Benefits

There are many reasons why this PowerStar water heater is superior to other similar products in the market. Some of its best features are listed as follows.

1. Efficiency of time and space

Bosch AE-7.2 imageThe overall dimension of this Bosch PowerStar measures at 14.8-inch x 7.3-inch x 3.4-inch, and it weighs only 5 pounds. As this electric water heater is designed for indoor installation, it should not be difficult to find an available space in home for perfect fit. Another good thing is that Bosch PowerStar AE-7.2 is a point-of-use style appliance, meaning it can be installed directly under kitchen sink or bathroom sink thus it avoids long pipe run. Without long pipe, it delivers hot water almost instantly anytime necessary. [Read more...]

Takagi T-K4-IN-LP Review

In general, the most prominent benefit of all tankless water heaters is that they keep low-energy usage since hot water is only produced when you need it. Nonetheless, each product offers different specifications concerning capacity, gas inputs, energy efficiency, design, and more.

The Takagi T-K4-IN-LP is an indoor tankless water heater powered by propane gas. It brings 4 temperature presets including 140F, 131F, 122F, and 113F. The main advantages of the appliance are listed below.

Main Benefits

1. Flow Rate

Image of Takagi T-K4-IN-LP.Since the T-K4-IN-LP is designed for mid-sized homes, its maximum flow rate of 8 GPM (gallons per minute) should be enough to provide hot water for almost all residential applications. With such feature, this tankless water heater remains ENERGY STAR qualified. The energy factor is 0.82, which is considered high for gas water heater. It means there will be less energy wasted or less gas used for the appliance to provide hot water.

2. Safety Features

There are some useful safety features included such as freeze protection system and exhaust safety control. Besides making sure that the appliance works under safe circumstances, some controls allow it to work to its full potential. It also features AFR (Air-Fuel Ratio) sensor and overheat fuse cutoff. [Read more...]

Ecosmart ECO 27 Review

A tankless water heater promises electric efficiency yet it delivers a constant flow of hot water for all your needs anytime necessary. A good example is the ECO 27 manufactured by Ecosmart. The appliance has almost everything necessary to reduce your monthly electric bill, but it can supply a good amount of hot water every time you need it.

Main Product Features

1. User friendly

The main point to consider in all types of appliances is user-friendly aspect. Ease-of-use has always been a major selling point of all electronic products including tankless water heater. The ECO 27 by Ecosmart is electrically powered thus the installation procedure is easier compared to other similar appliances powered by gas such as Rinnai RL94iN. Anyone with a decent knowledge of electricity and plumbing should be able to install ECO 27 properly, although professional’s installation assistance is recommended.

2. Self-Modulating

image of Ecosmart ECO 27Another major benefit of Ecosmart ECO 27 is its self-modulating technology. The appliance automatically adjusts the amount of power required to heat the water. With this technology, cost efficiency reaches up to 99.8% which will generate a good deal saving for your electric bill.

3. Lifetime Warranty

Ecosmart offers lifetime warranty for ECO 27 for US and Canada citizens. The warranty covers important components including exchangers, elements, and electronics. Requirements for the warranty to be valid are comprehensively listed in the official website of the company, so make sure you pay attention to the information to be eligible to make a warranty claim. [Read more...]