Rheem RTE 13 Review

The RTE 13 is an electric tankless water heater featuring space-saving design, ease-to-use temperature control, adequate water flow rate, and more. It is manufactured by Rheem, which is one of the most reputable companies manufacturing plenty of water heating solutions. Below you will find a brief review of the tankless water heater.

Main Benefits of Rheem RTE 13

1. Compact Design

Space-saving has become one of the biggest concerns in water-heating appliance industries right now. Tank water heater is always generally larger than its tankless counterpart. For this reason, some people opt for the tankless type, so they can spare some valuable spaces to store other stuffs. The RTE 13 is a tankless water heater with its overall dimension measures only at 7.5-inch L x 7.5-inch W x 7.5-inch H. Thanks for its size, this appliance can be paired with almost any appliance in the house such as kitchen sink, shower, dishwasher, and bathroom sink as well.

2. Simultaneous Hot Water Supply

Rheem RTE 13 electric tankless water heater.The conventional tank-equipped water heater simply heats and stores hot water in the tank. Rheem RTE 13 uses a different heating mechanism that it does not need to use any type of water container at all. When turned on, it basically redirects the water to flow through heating components.

By using electric power, hot water will always be available almost instantly anytime. Even better, it will immediately stop using electric power source as soon as you turn the appliance off. Since it does not store any hot water in a container, it does not have to keep on using electric power in order to continuously maintain hot temperature. With such mechanism, hot water will always be available as you need it, yet the appliance can help to reduce your monthly electricity bills.

3. Easy Installation

The unit is ready to install as you get it out of the package. There is no need to assembly many small parts or set other cumbersome adjustments. It can be directly mounted to water pipes and used hassle-free.

Customer Reviews

In general, most customers who had purchased Rheem RTE 13 from an online store sent positive feedback. They mostly praised how easy this unit could be installed. Some reviews also indicate that the hot water will run almost instantly after the appliance is activated. This tankless water heater is able to run at maximum 4 GPM, so it can be actually connected to two different appliances such as a shower and a kitchen sink.

The product is not without its flaws. The biggest drawback is that the installation may require other components especially if you have pex or plastic water line. These components are not included in the package, so you need to purchase them separately. It uses a relatively large electric power at 240V – 13KW, it also requires additional wiring and 60amp circuit breaker. Nonetheless, it only runs when hot water is needed, so it is still more efficient appliance compared to the conventional one. Click here to read more customer reviews.

Where to Buy

Rheem RTE 13 Tankless Water Heater is available at many online stores. Amazon currently lists the product at only $166.54. For this product, the online store offers some good deals and affordable shipping rate as well. The tankless water heater is eligible for Amazon’s Free Super Saver Shipping and One-Day Shipping also. Click here to buy it through Amazon.