Rheem RTG-84XN Review

Every tankless water heater generally provides hot water on-demand, meaning it heats water temperature almost instantly anytime you need it. Besides this main function, the appliance is usually equipped with some additional features to improve ease-of-use, energy efficiency, and more. One of the most fully-featured tankless water heaters is the RTG-84XN by Rheem.

Main Features and Benefits

Besides its function as a tankless water heater, the Rheem RTG-84XN has at least 4 major additional features including energy-efficient, low minimum flow rate, digital display, and warranty coverage.

1. Energy-efficient

Image of Rheem RTG-84XN.In terms of energy efficiency, this appliance is smartly equipped with all-copper heat exchanger. Copper is one of few materials with high thermal conductivity, meaning it has an excellent ability to conduct heat. When used for heat exchanger, copper is better than other common metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. In fact, copper has a higher thermal conductivity compared with all other metals except silver. Since heat can pass through copper very quickly, less energy is required to produce hot water. 

2. Low minimum flow rate

This appliance is able to provide a maximum of 8.4 gallons of hot water per minute at 35-degree F rise or 6.7 GPM at 45-degree F rise. The good thing is that Rheem RTG-84XN only requires a minimum of 0.40 GPM activation flow rate, yet it can work well with 0.26 GPM flow rate.

3. Digital display

The ease-of-use factor is also well-built with the availability of LED display showing water temperature and error codes. The user and care manual provides a list of error codes and possible solutions to handle the related problem. An in-use indicator (lit when the appliance is turned on), power button, and temperature adjustment buttons are located near the digital display.

4. Warranty

The best thing of all is that the manufacturer offers an excellent 12-year warranty on heat exchanger, 5-year warranty on component parts, and 1-year warranty on labor. Those warranties only apply if the appliance is installed by professionals or licensed technicians.

Customer Reviews

Based on testimonials by customers, the Rheem RTG-84XN does exactly what it promises. The appliance delivers hot water instantly without consuming a large amount of energy. It is intended only for residential use for 2 to 3 bathrooms. Besides its energy-efficient aspect, this tankless water heater is as well easy to operate considering that all necessary controls including power button, temperature adjustment, digital display and light indicator are located in easy-to-reach area. Freeze protection feature is good addition that helps to improve durability aspect. Such feature prevents the unit from freezing at minus 30-degree F.

Please remember that it is an outdoor unit powered by natural gas, and the manufacturer’s warranties only apply if the unit is installed by licensed technician. The product is quite expensive, yet you may need to spend more for the installation fee. The user manual is quite lengthy which can be difficult to understand unless you are a skilled technician. This is only a minor drawback considering the excellent warranty offers attached to this product.

Where to Buy

The Rheem RTG-84XN is an impressive tankless water heater powered by natural gas. This appliance has all the necessary features for energy-efficient heating without compromising quality. It is currently available at Amazon for $929.55 or 25% less than its list price ($1,240), meaning you can save more than $310 (click here to check the recent price on Amazon). Furthermore, Amazon also offers some buying options including free shipping, one-day shipping, and more.