5 Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

A small change in the house may really play a major role in your energy-saving endeavor. Even a water heater appliance greatly affects your overall monthly electricity bill. For more efficiency, it is probably necessary to replace your old tank water heater with its tankless counterpart. Some of the best tankless water heater benefits are listed below.

1. Space-saving

A regular size of tank water heater is about 4 times bigger than the tankless type. If you need to spare some spaces in a garage or closet, installing electric tankless water heater is a good way to do so. As the name suggests, this appliance does not use any type of tank.

It is an electric appliance that is capable of providing simultaneous supply of hot water anytime you need it. You can install it discretely inside a closet, a garage, and other possible locations.

2. Save Money

You should always consider purchasing a tankless water heater as a form of investment. The price of a unit can be relatively expensive, but it does not use a great amount of electric power to operate, so the monthly electricity bill can be significantly reduced.

Furthermore, among all tankless water heater benefits, its durability factor is the best. You will not need to replace it for roughly 20 years. With the conventional type, you may need to purchase new unit for every 10 years or less.

3. Save Energy

A conventional water heater will heat up 50 – 200 gallons of water in the tank. The appliance will continuously maintain the temperature level at approximately 120 degrees. This process requires an adequate source of energy thus absorbing electric or gas power. Even when you are not using the hot water, heating up process is always running.

A tankless water heater operates only when you turn it on. When you stop it, the appliance does not use any power. In fact, it provides around 5 to 7 gallons per minute.

4. Less Rust

There are two more tankless water heater benefits especially concerning existence of rust and supply of soft water. When hot water is continuously stored in a tank, rust is likely to exist. Water is not very friendly toward metal materials. Without regular maintenance, the tank may be filled an accumulation of lead. With the existence of lead, water is possibly polluted. Excessive consumption of polluted water may trigger major diseases.

With a tankless water heater, this problem is never an issue. The appliance will always provide soft water which is safe to consume and use for various purposes.

5. Unlimited hot water supply

Instead of storing hot water in a tank, a tankless water heater simply redirects the flow of water to travel through heating elements. It heats up the water relatively quickly in a rate of 5 to 7 gallons per minute. A larger appliance should supply a greater amount, so it provides theoretically unlimited hot water supply.


Once the appliance is properly installed, you can directly take advantage of all tankless water heater benefits. It actually covers every important thing in your attempt to live a more efficient life. If saves energy and money, while it is also healthier and more durable. Moreover, it provides a more reliable or almost unlimited hot water supply in your household anytime.