Rinnai V65EN Review

A truly reliable and durable tankless water heater can be difficult to find, but there is at least the promising Rinnai V65EN which offers the excellent 10-year warranty on heat exchanger, 5-year warranty on labor, and 1-year warranty on parts. This tankless water heater delivers up to 5.3 gallons of hot water per minute.

Main Features and Benefits

As mentioned earlier, the Rinnai V65EN delivers a maximum of 5.3 GPM of hot water, so it should be good enough to serve more than two bathrooms in your house in the same time. The unit is for outdoor installation only and powered by natural gas with maximum BTUs of 120,000. The overall dimension is fairly compact measuring at 14-inch W x 23-inch H x 9-inch D and it weighs 43.6 pounds. This tankless water heater is intended for residential applications and certified for installation in mobile homes also.

Rinnai V65EN imageThe V65EN uses a direct electric ignition device that requires a minimum flow rate of 0.4 GPM to light the burner. The maximum pre-set temperature range starts from 98 to 120 degree F, but you can use the provided temperature control to widen the range from to a maximum of 140 degree F.

The provided controller is the standard one, but this unit is compatible with any Rinnai digital controller which you can purchase separately. The controller also functions as error code indicator, so you can immediately figure out any possible problem and fix the issues. All error codes are listed in the user manual along with the possible remedies.

Enhancing the safety value of the unit, its digital temperature controller features a locking option, meaning the temperature will remain constant in case any accidental temperature change or modification occurs. The best thing is that the Rinnai V65EN is an energy-star qualified tankless water heater with energy factor of 0.82 for either propane or natural gas. This unit consumes 57 watts during operation, 2 watts on standby, and 104 watts when the anti-frost protection mode is running.

Customer Review

The Rinnai V65EN has not compiled many customer reviews, but the good thing is that all reviews don’t state any downside. It means the appliance works as it promises without any issue at all. The strongest feature of the V65EN is actually its durability value. A customer stated that he has been using this water heater for 9 years without any maintenance. Besides, the manufacturer does offer 10-year limited warranty on heat exchanger and 5-year on parts. The installation procedure is as well easy since all the necessary information is provided in the instruction manual.

The only possible downside is that the Rinnai V65EN is only good for small to medium houses. It only delivers 5.3 GPM, so you may need a bigger unit for a bigger house . This is not actually a big deal-breaker because the manufacturer already informs the technical specifications of this unit. As long as the customer uses it as instructed, this water heater should function well. For more reviews, click here.

Where to Buy

The Rinnai V65EN is available from various dealers and stores in many places, but you can purchase it from Amazon for only $625.77 or 35% cheaper than the list price ($970.00), meaning you can save more than $344. Amazon also offers great buying options such as free shipping, one-day shipping, free two-day shipping, and more.