Ecosmart ECO 27 Review

A tankless water heater promises electric efficiency yet it delivers a constant flow of hot water for all your needs anytime necessary. A good example is the ECO 27 manufactured by Ecosmart. The appliance has almost everything necessary to reduce your monthly electric bill, but it can supply a good amount of hot water every time you need it.

Main Product Features

1. User friendly

The main point to consider in all types of appliances is user-friendly aspect. Ease-of-use has always been a major selling point of all electronic products including tankless water heater. The ECO 27 by Ecosmart is electrically powered thus the installation procedure is easier compared to other similar appliances powered by gas such as Rinnai RL94iN. Anyone with a decent knowledge of electricity and plumbing should be able to install ECO 27 properly, although professional’s installation assistance is recommended.

2. Self-Modulating

image of Ecosmart ECO 27Another major benefit of Ecosmart ECO 27 is its self-modulating technology. The appliance automatically adjusts the amount of power required to heat the water. With this technology, cost efficiency reaches up to 99.8% which will generate a good deal saving for your electric bill.

3. Lifetime Warranty

Ecosmart offers lifetime warranty for ECO 27 for US and Canada citizens. The warranty covers important components including exchangers, elements, and electronics. Requirements for the warranty to be valid are comprehensively listed in the official website of the company, so make sure you pay attention to the information to be eligible to make a warranty claim. [Read more...]